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Chef Knife Skills, Anyone?

I am constantly working to improve my knife skills in the kitchen.  (The other thing is presentation... but that needs some serious work and we don't have that kind of time today.)
Figuring others might be in the same boat, I recently finished up an eBook on basic knife skills. I had some fantastic help from my sister who's an amazing chef and photographer. She graciously agreed to take all the photos for the book, some of which I also pulled into the product listing for our Chef's Knife. 
I thought I'd share a bit of the book here over the next few weeks or so, starting with the basics of grip.  Enjoy!
It is important to be comfortable with your knife as you work. There are several different ways a knife can be held. The way you hold the knife will be determined in part by the way your knife and your hand fit one another. The grip you choose also will be determined according to the task at hand. Delicate cutting or shaping techniques will call for greater control, involving fingertips more than the fist. Coarser chopping and cutting tasks require a firmer grip and more leverage. Here are a few ways you can hold your Chef’s knife:
  • Grip the handle with all four fingers and hold the thumb gently but firmly against the blade’s spine:
  • Grip the handle with all four fingers and hold the thumb gently but firmly against the side of the blade:
  • Grip the handle with three fingers, rest the index finger flat against the blade on one side, and hold the thumb on the opposite side to give additional stability and control:
  • Grip the handle overhand, with the knife held vertically – this grip is often used with a boning knife when butchering large cuts of meat. (Or when attacking a cantaloupe.):
I hope this helps!  Next up: What to do with your guiding hand.

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