Chef Knife Skills Part 3 - Mincing – A Cut Above Cutlery

Chef Knife Skills Part 3 - Mincing

Today, we move on to the Mincing section of our eBook...
Mincing is a very fine cut that is suitable for many vegetables and herbs. When mincing herbs, rinse and dry them thoroughly, and strip the leaves from the stems.
  • Gather the leaves in a pile on a cutting board.
  • Use your guiding hand to hold them in place and position the knife so that it can slice through the pile; coarsely chop.
  • Once the herbs are coarsely chopped, use the fingertips of your guiding hand to hold the tip of the chef’s knife in contact with the cutting board.
  • Keeping the tip of the blade against the cutting board, lower the knife firmly and rapidly, repeatedly cutting through the herbs. Continue cutting until the desired fineness is attained.

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