Chef Knife Skills Part 5 - Dicing – A Cut Above Cutlery

Chef Knife Skills Part 5 - Dicing

Finishing up the week with another installment from our Knife Skills eBook - Dicing! Hmmm, maybe it's time to hit the casino this weekend... Enjoy!
Dicing is a cutting technique that produces a cube-shaped product. Different preparations require different sizes of dice - fine (brunoise), small, medium, and large dice.
  • The term brunoise is derived from the French verb, brunoir (to brown), and reflects the common practice of sautéing these finely diced vegetables.
  • Trim and peel the vegetables as needed.
  • Cut the slices to the thickness that you wish the finished dice to be.
  • Stack the slices on top of one another and make even parallel cuts to the appropriate thickness.
  • Gather the sticks together; using your guiding hand to hold them in place, and make crosswise parallel cuts through the sticks.
  • To produce a perfectly even and neat dice, these cuts should be the same thickness as the initial slices.

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