Chef Knife Skills Part 7 - Turn, Turn Turn! – A Cut Above Cutlery

Chef Knife Skills Part 7 - Turn, Turn Turn!

The next entry from our free eBook on Knife Skills is all about the art of turning... read on!
Turning vegetables (tourner in French) requires a series of cuts that simultaneously trim and shape the vegetable. The shape may be similar to a barrel or a football. This is one of the most demanding, time-consuming, and exacting cuts.
  • Peel the vegetable if desired or necessary. If the trimmings can be used with the peel still intact, or if there is no appropriate use for the trimmings, you do not need to peel the vegetable.
  • Cut the vegetable into pieces of manageable size.
  • Hold the vegetable in your guiding hand. Using a paring knife or tourné knife, carve the pieces into barrel or football shapes.
  • To produce classic tournés, you should cut the vegetable so that it has seven even sides or faces. The faces should be smooth, evenly spaced, and tapered so that both ends are narrower than the center.

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