Chef Knife Skills, Part 8 - Julienne & Bâtonnet – A Cut Above Cutlery

Chef Knife Skills, Part 8 - Julienne & Bâtonnet

Today, we'll wrap up our series on Knife Skills.
I hope you've enjoyed the tips, and that they've helped make cooking a little easier and more fun for you!  Let's dive in!
Julienne and bâtonnet are long, rectangular cuts. Related cuts are the standard pommes frites and pommes pont neuf cuts (fancy names for French fries) and the allumette (or matchstick) cut. The difference between these cuts is the final size.
  • Julienne cuts are 1/8 inch in thickness and 1-2 inches long.
  • Bâtonnet cuts are ¼ inch in thickness and 2-2 ½ inches long.
These dimensions may be modified slightly to suit a specific need. The key point to keep in mind is that each cut should be nearly identical in dimension to all others for even cooking and the best appearance.
  • Trim and square off the vegetable by cutting a slice to make four straight sides. Cut both ends to even the block off. These initial slices make it easier to produce even cuts. The trimmings can be used for stocks, soups, purées, or any preparation where shape is not important.
  • Slice the vegetable lengthwise, using parallel cuts of the desired thickness.
  • Stack the slices, aligning the edges, and make parallel cuts of the same thickness through the stack.

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