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Welcome to the Revolution!


I never pictured myself the revolutionary type.  Sure, I went to Berkeley.  And I definitely have opinions about stuff.  But for the most part, I'm cool going with the flow.
It took crappy knives and an unplanned career change to bring A Cut Above Cutlery into being.
The second part of that might be easier to explain so I'll start there. In February of 2015, the ad agency I worked at fell on hard times and had to lay off a fairly significant chunk of people. Including me.  While I needed the income, I wasn't really looking forward to returning to desk and cubicle land.  Fortunately, an old boss and friend contacted me with a great opportunity. (To make a long story short, an e-commerce opportunity of sorts). Since I spent my whole career in marketing, and retail marketing at that, it made a whole lot of sense. Plus, it meant I'd get to work from home in my jammies. I jumped on it. 
Crappy knives? Well, I've always loved to cook. And my mom encouraged me as a little tyke to "help out" in the kitchen.  Most of the time, it was a great experience for both of us. Except when my 4-year old brain decided that drinking a bottle of Almond Extract was a good idea.  Hey it smelled good- surely it tasted better! In case you're wondering, it doesn't. 
But, like our About Us page says,  I always found myself between a rock and a hard place when it came to kitchen knives- there seemed to be two options, super-expensive and grocery-store-cheap.  I couldn't justify big bucks for the unpronounceable Euro brands, so I kept falling back on Target Bargain Specials. Which are frustrating. They start dull and get duller.  Until they break.  And then I'd start over.  
So, doing research for the aforementioned e-commerce opportunity, it started to become apparent that I wasn't alone- others felt the same way about their knives.  And thus, I started down the path to create a middle ground of high-quality, yet affordable blades for the kitchen.
This blog will talk about knives, sure. Great knives are essential friends on the road to great food, don't get me wrong. But I'm also going to talk about food- probably more often than not, in fact. Because food is the whole point. 

What do you want to hear about? Tell me and I'll try to make it happen!  Thanks for visiting!

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  • I got a carving set from a famous Hi end home kitchen supplier looks like
    You actually made it. Would love to see more info about how your stuff is made. Cheers

    • Joel Baca